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Frame-able Card Art is the gift you send as a card. Each 4x6 original photograph is hand printed with 100 year archival quality Canon ChromaLife 100+ inks to assure the finest quality and longevity. The photos are matted in the highest quality 5x7 cards available. Your recipient can mount the "Card Art" in any standard 5x7 inch frame. The images you see here show the photographs as they will appear in the card. Available in boxes of ten.
Who's Coming for Lunch?Lowland GorillaMalayan Tiger Cub 01Malayan Tiger Cub 02Malayan Tiger Cub 03Malayan Tiger Cub 04Malayan Tiger Cub 05Open WideYou Talkin to Me?MaudeBlushing BeautyCattle Egret 01Winged Majesty"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."Bald Eagle 01Bald Eagle 02Great White Egret 01Great White Egret 02Great White Egret 03Less is Moor

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