Christopher Tippins Photography | About
My photographic work is the most intimate expression of what my soul sees and wants to share…

My vision is to produce the highest quality hand printed photographs of that which I find to be simply, beautiful.

As is evident in my work, I have a strong attraction to nature as do many of us.

I believe we are all touched deeply by something in nature and I don’t believe this is by mere coincidence or simple attraction. I think it’s a calling from the most intuitive and sensitive parts of our souls to connect with the natural world around us.

I see the world in vibrant colors and stark contrasts and exercise this creative component in the way I shoot as well as in my post processing work to create my own unique style of photographic art.

In addition to the natural world, I enjoy photographing central and south Florida and the events, architecture and people that make up this incredible place that many of us who live here call “Paradise on Earth”.

I painstakingly print every one of my artistic pieces by hand myself as I believe the printing process is as much a part of my creativity as is what I see through the lens.

Whether you are simply stopping in to see my work or to look for an art piece to hang in your home or office, I hope you enjoy what you find as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Christopher Tippins, 2011